OGLE PRODUCTS Hippies VS Lab-coats:     How the

OGLE PRODUCTS Hippies VS Lab-coats: How the "I AM" line Changed the Game.

August 27, 2017

Like most Salon Owners, My wife and I are really into using the best products for our clients to achieve incredible results long term. However, we just couldn't seem to find the right answers. So, over 7 years, and serving over 20,000 people at Fade Salon with hundreds of the "best" products, we decided to try and change the game. We created Ogle Products.

"There are so many synthetic products getting amazing results, but poisoning people and the environment slowly and damaging scalps and skin. And, The synthetic perfume smells are just..... well... out.  There are also tons of natural products avoiding that problem, but getting less impressive results. We wanted our clients to have the best of both worlds. So, we decided to figure out how, and happen to run across a couple groundbreaking game changers." Lindsey Ogle.

After considerable thought and research, I finally came up with the correct perspective to solve this problem. When science is at its best, it isolates and increases the abilities of nature to create a seemingly supernatural results that have no sacrifice, but instead have  compounding benefits. In other words, nature and science had to come together, and things got interesting!

On one hand I had all these talented people, "Hippies" doing bathtub chemistry, getting some great results from all natural ingredients. On the other hand, also talented, but resistant to change, Chemists in the industry "Lab Coats".  I had to find a way to bring them together. I had to become a mediator and a ego facilitator. 

It turns out that togetherness is the answer.... as usual. Also, as usual, it isn't always easy to achieve. Everyone likes to do the most and be "right", but the best answers are often doing the least, but doing just the right things. So, getting "Lab Coats" to take a look at "Hippy" methods and ingredients, and not just turn their nose up was a challenge. But over time and with relentless persistence, we got everyone on board and sharing our vision.

The  Ogle Products " I AM " line was the first born. I AM: SHAM and I AM: RINSE outperform absolutely everything on the market. Most importantly they are made from the best ingredients, sulfate free, paraben free, cruelty free. And a HUGE bonus along the way, we discovered a safe and beneficial way to enhance the Scents from natural oils instead of synthetic perfumes. The incredible scent is of Nag Champa with Vanilla, Patchouli, and Sandalwood. The amazing impact this product has had on not only client's hair, but their perspective was something we had to share with the World, and how we knew we had a product worth sharing. 

One thing that Lindsey and I have always tried to do is make people truly happy wherever we can. So, i guess its no coincidence that vibe made it's way into this product. As this product developed, clients were describing not just the results but their experience applying it. "I want this all over my body" is the top response. " I never wanted to leave the shower" number two. So, we listened to what clients and the universe was telling us, and created the I AM as a shower ritual. This is a time to practice mindfulness (clear your head), let the aromas diffuse in the hot water, breathe deep and power up. A time to get all the benefits from nature and the results of science. It's an incredibly important time to feel Beautiful, Alive, Strong, while relaxed and stress free. 

This kind of holistic inclusive experience, and consistent ritual that quite literally changes peoples lives for the better, and in this case their hair as well.

We are grateful for this chance to be part of your amazing life,

Dustin Ogle and Lindsey Ogle.

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