Candida Skin Overgrowth: How Ogle Products

Candida Skin Overgrowth: How Ogle Products "I Am" Skincare is making an impact.

January 21, 2018 1 Comment

Candida overgrowth and many other skin, and gut imbalances are becoming a very important topic lately.  It's not because we just started being affected, but rather we are just becoming aware of why and how. More importantly, we are figuring out how to fix it, and how to avoid causing it again.

This short article focuses on naturally, and effectively treating & preventing it on your skin. Why is this important? The skin is the biggest organ we have, and usually the most affected by this. Also, it is the easiest to treat. So, if you feel that you may need it, please look into testing and treating systemic issues related to these imbalances. This isn't a substitute for that, but rather an additional way to restore the balance.

In my opinion the biggest lesson we should have learned in the last 50 years is that drastic measures aren't the best for restoring balance. With just the right amount of assistance our bodies will do amazing things. With Candida it seems to also be that consistent assistance is key. 

Once Daily topical whole body skin care is a great idea. A simple after shower quick rub down can be surprisingly life changing.  So what to rub on?

Ogle Products believes that the answer is just the right formula delivering Full Spectrum Organic Coconut oil, and Elderberry Extract into, and on top of the skin in a way where it absorbs, and stays on evenly for a long time. As millions of people have learned, both oils are very unique to the world, and gaining notoriety for many reasons very quickly. However, both have some obstacles to defeat before we can get the benefits from them, and Ogle Products has solved those obstacles. 

Coconut oil (an effective anti-fungal) is not water soluable and very greasy. So, most people don't like to rub it on, and if they do, it rubs off and washes off very easily. This usually means The Caprylic Acid, fatty acids, and Lauric Acid in the oil doesn't get to perform the way it should. "I Am: Skin" and "I Am: Face" contain over 30% total volume of full specturm Coconut oil; however, Ogle Products first makes the oil more soluble using a natural vegtable sourced phospholipid. Then, they emulsify it (mix oil and water) in distilled water. Finally, they reduce the size of the particles of the ingredients with high shear homogenization at over 20,000rpm. The result is a smooth feeling lotion with better absorption into your skin, and allows the amazing natural properties to stay on longer,penatrate deeper, and be more effective. This reflects Ogle Products vision,

"We use science to enhance natures abilities without sacrifice."

In both the "I Am: Skin" and "I Am: Face" you will find many other beneficial ingredients, one of which is the amazing Elderberry Extract. Here's the deal with it, that no big companies want you to know. It is extremely expensive, and incredible. Big companies like effective, and cheap for their ingredients. Elderberry must be properly diluted, so you won't find it available in a good form for consumers. Ogle Products spends more money on the elderberry for each product than all of the other ingredients combined. And they use between 2% and 4% which is the maximum recommended. 

A daily complete skin care application of I Am: Skin Care will have amazing benefits for the most important organ you have, your skin. And, it will gently but effectivly assist your body in restoring it's imbalances including Candida overgrowth.  

Millions of people are suffering from these imbalances, but often the symptoms are relatively mild and come about slowly; therefore won't that noticeable until they cause some major problems. It's likely and a pretty well supported idea that the last 50 years of overprescribing antibiotics, overusing anti-bacterials, drinking and washing with chlorine and harsh detergents, etc...  have had some undesired effects. We are very effective at killing bacteria. The problem is that our bodies rely on many many bacteria to perform crucial roles in our bodies, and when they aren't present, things go wrong or don't work. The issue with Candida is that none of those amazing bacteria killing things we do are anti-fungal, and Candida is a fungus.  So, the short version is that we end up with an imbalance that may be contributing to all kinds of problems directly and indirectly. If you google Candida Symptoms, you'll see that it has been accused of causing a wide range of very common problems and seems to affect people in different ways.

So, what else to do about it. Butt cover statement: Talk to a Doc who knows something about it, there are tests and treatments etc... Seriously not a bad idea. Also, reading up on restoring your gut balance, pro & pre biotics, specific diet control, among other things is worth your time as well.

Dustin Ogle

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Angela Gunning
Angela Gunning

June 19, 2018

I love both the science and the philosophy behind your products! Very interested in purchasing products for my family that support our lifestyle.I’m excited to have discovered your website through Tiffany Alexandra! Looking forward to learning more!

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